Über uns

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Since our first founding ACPAF events and programs in 2017, we have been working towards our key aim in providing the Chinese, Asian and European youth talents the open platform for their arts, music and cultural exchange and performances.

In 2018, We successfully introduced the Chinese music in different styles and characteristics from different regions and periods, performed in Chinese and Western music instruments in fusion by the Good Hope School Chinese Orchestra from Hong Kong together with the Viennese musicians.

In the same year, ACPAF was co-organized with Marktgemeinde Pottendorf, and designed to intensify the propagation of Chinese music and culture exchange to the Europeans in the theme of the cross-over exchange and performance of the Chinese Music with Chinese and Western music instruments between different pairs of Asian school Chinese orchestras and European school orchestras.

Apart from the music and cultural exchange and sharing in the friendly orchestral exchange and performance among the participants, they will also be acquainted with the tradition Austrian cultural life and knowledge including traditional Austrian music and dance together with the understanding of the UNESCO Historic Centre of the City of Salzburg etc.

Along with our direction, the ACAPF’s events and programs will also be enriched and enhanced in the coming years for more youth talents in various arenas to participate and demonstrate their different talents with exchange in Austria, etc.